Chin state is a state located in western Burma (Myanmar). The 36,019-square-kilometre (13,907 sq mi) Chin State is bordered by Rakhine State in the south, Bangladesh in south-west, Sagaing Division and Magway Division in the east, Indian state of Manipur in the north and Indian state of Mizoram in the west. The highest mountain is Kho Nu m’Htung Mountain and its height is 10200 ft above sea level The (Chin) ethnic group makes up the majority of the state’s 500,000 people. (According to 

Today, the Chin people are mostly living in Chin State, although they also live in many other countries around the world. Chinsare groups of tribes of Mongol origin and are actually several people groups from the western side of Burma (Myanmar), near India. They are called the “Hill People.” The name Chin is the Burmese name for the residents of Chin State. 

Internally, they call themselves regional names — the northern Chins called themselves Zomi; the southern Chin called themselvesKhumi or Khami and the Chin from the central part of Chin State call themselves Laimi and they speak different dialects. It is also common to group Chins as Hakha Chin, Falam Chin, Tedim Chin, Mindat Chin and Matupi Chin depending on the regions they live. 

According to the government’s official record in 2008, there is 533,047 population in Chin State. It is also estimated that there is at least 10% of non Chin people in Chin State as well. In 2004, there were 8%. Therefore there are 480,000 people in Chin State. 

Moroever, in the government’s official record from 2004, there are 167,990 Chin people in Sagaing Division, 9,939 in Mandalay Division, 43,243 in Bago Division, 11,041 in Yangon Division, 11,036 in Irrawaddy Division, 113,868 in Magwe Division, 93,331 in Rakhine State, 3,821 in Kachin State, 9,832 in Shan State respectively, and in total 464,111 spread throughout the country.[i] 

It is also estimated that there are at least 60,000 Chin people living in Mizoram State, India. According to 1999 Christian Centenary Magazine published by Lai Chin Christian Fellowship (LCCF), Aizawl, there was more than 45,000 Chin people in Mizoram State.[ii] 

So the above facts show that there are nearly 2 million Chin people and the population of Chin people who reside outside of Chin State rate is higher than those who live in Chin State. 

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