Started: August 01, 1977




Target Listeners:

State of Andhra Pradesh, India and other Asian countries



Telugu is one of the major languages in India having more than a hundred million in the state alone. In the whole of Asian continent, Telugu speaking people are more than a hundred and fifty million. The programs that are broadcasted in Telugu through Radio Veritas Asia reach all the Telugu-speaking people in the whole of Asia. For all people irrespective of cast, creed and language there is a thirst for the Word of God. People are eagerly waiting to listen to Word of God. We notice thousands of people attending spiritual conventions wherever they are conducted. It is a clear sign that people are thirsty for the Word of God. Radio Veritas Asia quenches the thirst of the people to some extent.

Radio Veritas is committed to proclaim the message of God's love to the people of Asia by producing in cooperation with recognized Asian production centers and transmitting human development and Catholic evangelization programs in short wave and related means of electronic media. RVA re-affirms its mission of evangelization: by proclaiming the message of God's love to the peoples of Asia.

Telugu Section in RVA was started in the year 1977 with a view to reach to the multitude of Telugu speaking people living in and around India. A test broadcast started on the Easter day of 1977 eventually made Telugu a major broadcast in RVA.

We have special audience programmes for all categories of listeners, i.e., youth, children, women, religious & laity, formers and so on. World News inclusive of Church news is a major attraction in our broadcasts. 

This section functions in the stewardship of Amruthavani and the Director of Amruthavani is also the Director of RVA Telugu Section.  We have two able and young priests Fr. Prasanth Anakarla as Coordinator  from the diocese of Kurnool and Fr. S. Isaac as the Producer who render their services for RVA Telugu section on behalf of Amruthavani. In-spite of all the modernization and competition from the secular media, RVA Telugu Service strives with its motto in spreading the Good News and working for the Human Development.


The context of Religion in India and Andhra Pradesh:

India is a union of 28 states and 07 union territories.[1] As of 2008, with an estimated population of 1.13 billion, India is the world’s second most populous country after the People’s Republic of China. The state of Andhra Pradesh, a Telugu-speaking and one of the major languages in India is the 5th largest state in India, having about 100 million population in the state.

No doubt there are several hurdles and difficulties for the propagation of the faith in India and naturally in our state of Andra Pradesh too. Though there are hundreds of television channels there is no free platform for the proclamation of the gospel in the state. Surely there are too many censors by the television channels. Though profession of faith and propagation of it is one of the fundamental rights in the country, yet the prevailing political and religious situation in the state does not allow this to be done directly by word or deed. Though direct evangelization is not prohibited by the Government yet, the Hindu fanatics and fundamental groups attack the Christians for its evangelization activities.


The Scenario of Religions in India:

HINDUISM – about 82%, ISLAM – about 12%, CHRISTIANITY – about 2.5%

SIKHISM – about 2%, BUDDHISM – about 0.7%, JAINISM about 0.5%, ZOROASTRIANISM – about 0.01%, JUDAISM – about 0.0005%.

The above calculations can speak in themselves what would be the freedom of Religion in India, especially for the proclamation of the Gospel being the minority religion.


RVA specialty:

This is where RVA comes in– a catholic radio station which offers a free platform to proclaim the gospel values more powerfully and liberally to the people specially the Catholics and Christians of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India and other countries of Asia for the Telugu speaking people. Because we have been successfully and fruitfully serving the people or 33 long years through our Spiritual and Human development programs, we feel very much the professional talent and experience of Mr. G.J. Ravi Varma who has been the fundamental source of our service activities as coordinator of RVA, Manila for 12 years. Today, he is now the Coordinator of our Local Centre, in India.