Date Started: February 1967

Vietnamese Broadcast started its test programs in February 1967, the pioneer among the Language Broadcasts of Radio Veritas Asia. Officially however, Vietnamese service started in February 21, 1969, months before the official inauguration of Radio Veritas Asia in April 11, 1969.Though the article was published in ASIANEWS on July 2, 2007, the content is still valid and continues to show how Vietnamese programs inspires and delivers God’s Word in Vietnam.



A group of Vietnamese visited Radio Veritas, thanking the station for supporting the Catholic faith of the poorest and marginalized people. A group of sisters and some young people shared their testimony.


Manila (AsiaNews) – Thanks to Radio Veritas, a Catholic radio station based in Manila in the Philippines, that the Montagnards and peasants in Vietnam’s poorest areas have since 1978 “been able to follow Sunday Mass, to hear Bible teachings and to be informed about the life of the Church.” Msgr. Nguyen Van Tai, Radio Director, recalled this reality while speaking to AsiaNews on the occasion of the feast of St. Peter, when more than 2000 Vietnamese Catholics visited the station. He said: “Pastoral communication helps the Church of Vietnam and Asian countries. With the transmission of Sunday Mass, believers may participate in the rite.The leader of the association of Vietnamese Catholic religious who are studying in the Philippines “heartily thanked” Msgr. Van Tai, “who has worked since 1978 to reach priests, sisters and members of the faithful who are studying in the Philippines. He added that “Radio Veritas is welcoming place that supports Catholics in Vietnam and Asian countries.”