Target Listeners:

State of Andhra Pradesh, India and other Asian countries 

Who are our Listeners:

Our mainstream listeners are Catholics, Protestants and a few Muslims apart from the other Hindu listeners. Most of our listeners are from the poor rural villages where the government has not reached in improving the communication systems.

  • Listeners’ age group ranges from 16 to 55
  • 78% of the listeners are from the rural areas.
  • Most of them are agricultural laborers.
  • Many of the listeners are women.
  • Though many of them are Hindus, they follow the Christian faith having got introduced to our Programs.
  • Many of our listeners have registered with us as members of different listeners’ clubs.
  • 22% of the rest of the listeners are mostly youth and are urban-based.
  • About 20 % of the rural listeners are also youth
  • An interesting factor to observe is the increase in the listeners’ letters over the past two months due to the meetings in the district headquarters.

Impact of RVA in the Lives of our Listeners:

  • Even the rural localities have accessibility of listening to word of God, spiritual talks, talks on social evils, dramas on women, children, youth empowerment etc.
  • The programs really give them awareness on many social and current issues.
  • Daily news gives to them some of the updated scenario of the world, country and the state and of the local church in particular.
  • Since the local Christian TV Channels are reachable only to the urban localities, RVA rural listeners have more accessibility to the word of God and to different spiritual programs.