Filipinos show acts of kindness amid COVID-19 pandemic

Security guard Nicko Gloriana offers to spray alcohol disinfectant to passersby in the city of Mandaluyong in the Philippine capital Manila. The guard said it’s the least he can do to help people. (Photo by Bernice Beltran)

A bottle of alcohol disinfectant is a priceless possession nowadays in the Philippines battling against the new coronavirus.

Instead of a firearm, security guard Nicko Gloriana holds a bottle of disinfectant while on duty outside a condominium building in the city of Mandaluyong in the country’s capital.

Gloriana’s main task is to signal people passing by the condominium’s driveway to stop and give way to entering and exiting vehicles.

Since the government declared this week an “enhanced community quarantine” in the main island of Luzon, including the capital Manila, the 28-year-old guard decided to be stricter in his job.

Armed with a bottle of alcohol disinfectant, he signals people to stop and to show their hands to him. Then he pours drops of alcohol on the hands of those who heed the signal.

“This is a small way to help my fellow Filipinos fight the disease,” said Gloriana.

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