Pope Francis: Continue efforts to combat malaria

Health care workers assisting patients in Spain. At the Regina Coeli, the Pope said he his close to all those who are sick, as well as caregivers and those working for access to basic health care for all. (ANSA)

Pope Francis acknowledged World Malaria Day during the Regina Coeli on Sunday, saying we must continue the effort to prevent and cure the disease, which affects millions of people.

Pope Francis on Sunday said that, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, “we must continue the effort to prevent and cure malaria, which threatens millions of persons in many countries”.

The United Nations observes World Malaria Day each year on April 25.

Following the Regina Coeli, the Holy Father said he is close “to all who are sick”, and to their caregivers, and to those working to ensure that “every person might have access to basic health care.”

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