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Bible Study Movement helps youth deepen their faith, says Seoul Archbishop

Archbishop Peter Chung Soon-taick of Seoul, South Korea (Photo supplied)

The Youth Bible Study Movement in South Korea enables youth to deepen their faith, says Archbishop Peter Soon-Taick Chung of Seoul, South Korea.

He claims that the Youth Bible Study Movement is the most well-liked initiative by and for lay people.

Over 2000 youth used to attend the movement yearly before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some youth who attend the programs of the Youth Bible Study Movement are eager to learn about Christianity and have chosen to stay with the movement despite not knowing much about it, said the prelate.

The Youth Bible Study Movement provides a platform for young people to interact with God's Word and learn more about their faith, he added.

The success of the movement shows that young people want to grow spiritually and share their insights in their faith journey, said Archbishop Chung.

During the military regime, the Archdiocese of Seoul formed the Youth Bible Study Movement in 1972.

Sister Cho Hwa-seon of the Sisters of Our Lady of Eternal Help is one of the group's founders. The group's first meeting was in 1972 at a convent in Jeongneung, Seoul. The old nun, who was then a young college student, was in charge.

The movement marked its 50 years of existence on May 5, 2022, at Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul.

"I am glad to know that God has blessed the Catholic Youth Bible Group to grow, bear fruit, and bloom in the country, strengthening the members’ faith and life,” said Father Hong In-sik, who has been with the Bible group for more than 25 years.


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