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Villagers, Karen women’s group call for end to conflict in Myanmar

Photo from Thoolei News- KNU-Department of Information FB

About 2,000 people from 12 villages in Myanmar called for an end to conflict in their areas during a demonstration in Doo Tha Htu District, Mon State, on January 24.

The demonstrators demanded for the withdrawal of the Myanmar Tatmadaw, or military, from the villages and appealed for an immediate end to military operations.

The military have been setting up camps in villages for many years already, according to villagers who complained. 

The Karen Women’s Organization, meanwhile, backed the demonstration, saying that the people's desire to end regional conflicts should be carried out by the government.

The women's group said the conflict has mostly affected poor communities, especially the ethnic groups including the Karen people.

Military operations have reportedly displaced thousands of people in the northern Karen State, especially in Mutraw and Nyaunglebin districts. 

Human rights groups said at least 1,195 people have been forcibly displaced in Nyaunglebin and 4,131 in Mutraw districts as of January 28. 

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon called for an end to war in an “urgent and fraternal appeal for peace and reconciliation” released on January 25.

He noted that civil wars do not recognize humanity and violence never begets peace.

“To all civilian and military leaders, I plead, lay aside the futile pursuit of military solutions. You each have the capacity to transform Myanmar’s divisive political culture. Renew your commitment to face the truths of our history,” read the cardinal’s statement. - Saw Hubert / RVA News


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