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Catholic priest from China dies of COVID-19 in Manila

A Catholic priest from China, Father Lawrence Liu Hong’en, died of COVID-19 in the Philippines on July 13.

The priest succumbed to the disease at the Lung Center of the Philippines in Quezon City. He was 45.  

Father Liu was born to a Catholic family in San Yuan diocese in Shan’xi province, China, on July 15, 1976.

He studied at Xi'an Seminary and was ordained priest in 2007. He came to the Philippines after ordination to study at the Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia.

He was found to have been infected by COVID-19 on July 1 and had gone under medical observation.

A friend of the priest said he was already vaccinated against the coronavirus in June.

People familiar with Father Liu described him as “kind, helpful, and passionate.”

He assisted several Chinese people who wanted to study in the Philippines and those who wanted to come to the country for a pilgrimage.

Due to the health restrictions, Father Liu’s family would not be able to attend his funeral in Manila.

The Chinese Catholic community in the Philippines appealed for prayers for the departed priest. - Joseph Leo / RVA News

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