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Filipino cardinal calls for new approaches to solve contemporary family, social problems

Cardinal Jose Advincula, Archbishop of Manila was delivering the homily during the culminating event of the Walk of Life 2024 on February 17, Saturday at the University of the Santo Tomas, Manila.

A Filipino cardinal calls for the Church to explore new pathways to better respond to the biggest issues facing family and society in contemporary times.

Cardinal Jose Advincula, Archbishop of Manila, said the faithful should engage in more listening and dialogue to come up with more effective and impactful pro-life strategies.

“We also need to rethink our approaches, methodologies, and strategies. How do we deal with the dilemmas and complexities of modern families, the irregular situations in the home, the diversity in understanding identity and personhood, and the wounds caused and inflicted because of polarization even in the home?” said the prelate.

Cardinal Advincula was delivering the homily during the culminating event of the Walk of Life 2024 on Saturday at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila.

The cardinal emphasized that advocacy for upholding and defending the sacredness of life and the dignity of every human being is never a short-term engagement but an ongoing battle.

“From experience, we know that as long as there are subtle and not-so-subtle attacks against the family and human life, we will be there to register our firm objection and make sure that our united stand is heard,” he said.

He also stressed the need for more teachers with the same boldness and audacity as Jesus who can “lead others to the right path and the right choices” in line with the Gospel of Life.

Furthermore, Cardinal Advincula expressed his gratitude to more than 3,000 participants in the event from various religious and lay organizations for their selfless efforts at the forefront of the Church’s pro-life efforts.

“Thanks to all of you, missionaries for the Gospel of Life, we can fulfill our prophetic role in a rapidly changing world that is oftentimes more welcoming to a civilization of death and so hostile to a civilization of life and love,” he said.

“I encourage you to continue to be passionate about your ministry. Do not be disheartened if sometimes you feel that what you have been doing is not even noticed or ends up in an apparent failure. Take courage. You are not alone,” he also said.

The Council of Laity of the Philippines organized the Walk of Life, which aimed to show solidarity in defending human life.

This year, the event focused on opposing agendas that directly contradict the pro-life mission, particularly the attempts to legalize the death penalty, divorce, and same-sex unions in the Philippines.- Luke Godoy


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