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Hong Kong acquires its first Catholic university

Caritas Institute of Higher Education (Photo supplied)

Caritas College of Higher Education's previous name was changed to "University of St. Francis." The first Catholic college in Hong Kong is now open.

The Chief Executive of Council announced in a news release on January 9 that the English and Chinese names of Caritas Institute of Higher Education (Mingchuan) should be changed to "Saint Francis University."

In line with Chapter 320 of the Postsecondary Colleges Ordinance, this was what they did. Ming College is the fourth college that can pay for itself to become a university. Before this university, there were only Shue Yan University and Hang Seng University. This is the first Catholic university in Hong Kong.

The individual responsible for education, Mrs. Choi, expressed her utmost pride in Ming Chuan regarding the news. Mrs. Choi said that Ming Chuan being called a university represented a significant advancement. Chuan. It was also a clear sign that the government was serious about backing the growth of both publicly and privately funded post-secondary education, which would give young people more choices.

She believes that self-financing post-secondary education will remain an important way to prepare people to work in Hong Kong and help the city become a center for foreign post-secondary education.

Ming Chuan asked the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) last year to study the school and determine its readiness to become a private university. The Accreditation Board said that Ming Chuan met the standards for a private university based on what they found.

This school year, about 3,500 full-time and part-time students can take 13 classes at the college level.

Caritas Xu Chengbin College was initially named when it opened in 1985. In 2001, after high school, the college was approved and began offering courses that could lead to a degree.

The school got the appropriate permissions to start giving degrees in 2010. It changed its name to Mingzhuan the next year.

The 13 locally approved, self-financing post-secondary programs in Ming Chuan will run from September 2023 to June 2024.

Eleven studies lead to bachelor's degrees, and one leads to master's degrees. About 3,000 kids are there full-time, and another 500 are there part-time.

Ming Chuan is an expert in three things, and general business management is one of them. Social work and information and communication technology are the other two.

Anyhow, the Accreditation Bureau will still regularly check the right subject area accreditation requirements as time goes on.

Once recognized as a university, Ming Chuan must demonstrate to the Education Bureau its ability to provide quality education and generate revenue. It does this by giving them progress reports and financial reports every year.

The Education Bureau has requested that the Accreditation Council review the study and provide professional advice that is independent of the study.

Caritas Bienchi Vocational School is a sister school of the University of San Francisco. The two schools will continue to work together.

Praise young people who are securing better jobs. The new university will teach people of all kinds and encourage them to give back to society with a loving heart.

More than one type of education will be available at St. Francis University thanks to its partnership with Caritas Baiyingqi Vocational School, which is its sister school, and other groups. That way, young people who want to get ahead can have a good time getting there, no matter where they begin.

The university is very grateful to all the businesses and people who helped.


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