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Prices of basic goods surge in India amid COVID-19 lockdown

Street market in India (Photo by Atanu Das/RVA News)

Prices of basic goods have gone up in almost all states in India following the lockdown due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country.

In a report on May 17, the Central Bureau of Information noted that the Price Index had risen sharply by 10.49 percent.

Experts said India has never witnessed a double digit Price Index rise. 

Authorities said the continuous rise of prices of pulses, eggs, edible oil, meat, fish, petrol and diesel, items related to production industry, packaged food and fruits cause the price increase. 

The surge in the Wholesale Price Index has also cause an increase in the price of daily essentials. 

During the lockdown, movement of commodities has been hindered and supply of food, grains, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and meat has been minimized. 

The government also said the recent price rise of crude oil in the international market has affected the local market. The price of petrol in India is almost about a dollar and a half for a liter. - Atanu Das/RVA News


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