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RVA Bengali Language Service gets a new Coordinator

Bishop Shyamal Bose of Baruipur confirmed Father Nikhil Gomes as RVABS' new coordinator in an online meeting on April 26. (Photo credit: Ripon A. Tolentino)

Bishop Shyamal Bose of Baruipur diocese in India and Chairman of the Governing Body of Radio Veritas Asia Bengali Service (RVABS) appointed Father Nikhil Gomes as the new Coordinator on April 26. 

In an online meeting with RVBS staff members, Bishop Bose said, "You will lead RVABS forward by taking on this responsibility like a sailor." 

"Through the RVABS, the people of Bengal and Bangladesh will work together for their betterment," Bishop Bose said.

Bishop James Romen Boiragi, Chairman of the Bangladesh Social Communication Commission, and producers of Bengali Service were present at the meeting. 

According to Bishop Boiragi, the mission of  RVABS has been constant for the past 43 years. RVABS has been encouraging news, especially for Asia's underprivileged. All service users are treated with respect and care regardless of origin or beliefs.

While congratulating the new coordinator, Bishop Boiragi said, "Many people love RVA Bengali Service. Now it is your turn to take it to further height."  

He expressed his gratitude to all the producers of RVABS and the former coordinator, Father Soumitra Makhal. 

Father Gomes' career in the media has provided him with extensive knowledge. He was the editor and publisher of the Bangladeshi online journal Barendra Dut. He also served as the program producer and secretary for Online Radio Jyoti.

Before he was appointed RVABS coordinator, he served on the Editorial Board at Radio Veritas Asia, Philippines, RVA's central office, from March 15, 2020, to March 15, 2023. 

Father Gomes thanked God for the "great opportunity to spread the message of truth through the media."

“RVABS Coordinator is a magnificent service to the Church and the world, not a job, " he said, adding, “We will broadcast various programs on this web platform to spread truth, peace, love, unity, and harmony."

Father Nikhil Gomes was born in the Bangladeshi village of Haroa on September 22, 1981. He worked as an assistant parish priest at Andharkota Parish for a year. On January 22, 2010, he was ordained as a priest. He was the director of Christo Jyoti (Light) Pastoral Centre from 2011 to January 9, 2020.

In 2012, Father Gomes held a Master's degree in History from Rajshahi College in Bangladesh. In 2013, he completed his Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism from NISCORT Media College, New Delhi, India. 

In 2016, he earned a Master's in mass communication and journalism from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. 


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