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Bangladesh Bishop to the youth: "Be witness to what you have seen"

Bangladesh Bishop Gervas Rozario of  Rajshahi called on the youth to be witnesses to the truth, good works and the experience of Jesus.
The Diocese of Rajshahi in Bangladesh celebrated the annual Youth Day at Saint Anthony's Catholic Church, Mohipara, on 12 to 17 October 2021. (Photo Supplied)

Bangladesh Bishop Gervas Rozario of  Rajshahi called on the youth to be witnesses to the truth, good works and the experience of Jesus.

"Be a witness of what you have seen. Be a witness yourself, who will be a witness to the truth," said Bishop Rozario during the annual diocesan Youth Day held from October 12- 17.

Bangladesh's Rajshahi Diocese celebrated the annual Diocesan Youth Day, a  formation program, at Saint Anthony's Catholic Church, Mohipara.  

"Be a good Catholic youth in the society, family and country by your good works and deeds and you will make a good example for youths of other religions," said Bishop Rozario.

The theme for this year's event was "Stand Up. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen." The youth formation program was attended by 136 youth from 26 parishes of the diocese, along with animators, priests, and nuns.

Bishop asked the youth, "What did you see?  Do you see the love of Jesus? Did you see the love and care of the Church? Go and give the witness to all and take care of the world. Transform yourself and do as St. Paul did, 'give witness.'" 

Bishop Rozario, the chief guest for the inaugural program, invited the youth to "Go to Jesus, Go to the Cross, surrender yourself and move away from depression. Give the witness as you experienced Jesus."

Special guests for the youth day included Sebastian Purification, Senior Officer Poba (AP) World Vision Bangladesh, Father Nabin Pius Costa, Youth Coordinator of Rajshahi diocese, Father Subroto Purification, and  the parish priest of Saint Anthony's Catholic Church.

Father Nabin Pius Costa, the Rajshahi Diocesan Youth Commission coordinator, said, "Youth Day is a celebration. All of you came to celebrate your life with Jesus, with the Cross."

"The theme indicates our vocation, inspired to stand up from our failure, from our weakness and help us to experience the blessings of God. Let us be the witness of Jesus," said Father Nabin.

 Father Nabin told the youth that "everything you experience or learn from this program and you must put to good use in our church service."

"Whatever you will learn from this program, you will share with your other friends and with your village people. So that our annual Youth Day celebration will be fruitful," said Father Nabin.

Father Patrick Gomes shared the main theme and emphasized 'transformation,' Sister Leticia Costa, CIC and Mr. Barnabas Hasdak shared faith testimonies.

The main aim of the youth program was to impart moral formation for the Youth to be formed by the Christian values, know the Catholic teachings and give the faithful witness for the Church.

George Suklesh Costa, regional director of Caritas Rajshahi, shared on 'Celebrating of the Season of Creation,' Father Emmanuel K. Rozario, the Vicar General of Rajshahi Diocese, talked about the Diocesan Pastoral letter's theme "Vocation of the Responsible servant: Be Grateful.'

Jyoti Soren, a participant of the event, expressed happiness that event is being held in her parish.

"We learned many things, especially about morality, skill development, and teaching of the Church that we could use to serve the church and also in my villages."

Another participant from Bhabanipur parish, Hridoy Rodrigues, said, "After going back, I will try to apply what I have learned from this program in my life. And I will give the service for the Church."

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