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Caritas Manila provides swift support to fire victims in Philippines

Father Anton CT Pascual, Caritas Manila Executive Director, met the fire victims in Mandaluyong City. (Photo: Radio Veritas 846 Philippines, Jerry Maya Figarola)

Following a devastating fire in Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, Caritas Manila acted promptly to assist affected residents who were left homeless.

The fire left 45 families without homes. This prompted Father Anton CT Pascual, Executive Director of Caritas Manila and president of Radio Veritas, to visit the area and assess the needs of those affected.

Father Anton CT Pascual, the president of Radio Veritas and executive director of Caritas Manila, went to the area to determine how the fire had impacted the locals.

Father Pascual's visit provided both spiritual comfort and practical assistance.

Through Caritas Manila, he facilitated the delivery of essential supplies, such as food packs, hygiene kits, jerrycans, mats, and blankets, to the families in evacuation centers.

Elsie Sarmiento, the program coordinator for the Caritas Manila Damayan program at the Sacred Heart Parish in Mandaluyong City, expressed her gratitude for the quick response and emphasized the significance of ongoing public support for those in need of assistance after disasters.

"We request your continued assistance for those in need, like those here in Addition Hills. Your help enables us to support our fellow citizens in their time of need. We're grateful, and we hope you can further extend your help. Thanks to Caritas Manila and the sponsors who are helping," Sarmiento said in a statement to Radio Veritas 846.

Father Pascual responded, "The church is always present to convey God's love, especially to victims of natural and man-made disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes."

Father Pascual urged everyone to pray for and support Caritas Manila in their efforts to help many more people in need.

"By supporting Caritas Manila, we can assist young people in their education, provide mutual aid in health matters, support victims of calamities, and offer prisoners a chance at rehabilitation," he said.

The rapid and extensive response from Caritas Manila underscores their unwavering commitment to supporting communities in times of crisis.

Father Pascual also pledged immediate assistance to the affected families in rebuilding their homes, showcasing their long-term dedication to their recovery.

The social arm of the Archdiocese, Caritas Manila, committed over 60 million pesos in 2023 to aiding those suffering from natural disasters, providing education to underprivileged students, and helping those suffering from malnutrition.


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