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Macau diocese promotes pro-life ideology

Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang (centre) of Macau with others at the opening of the exhibition titled ‘Fortnight for Life’ at the premises of the Cardinal Newman Culture and Performing Arts Center in Macau. (Photo:

To promote pro-life ideology, the Macau diocese has launched a fortnight-long exhibition depicting the journey of human life from conception to childbirth.

Macau's Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang opened the exhibition titled 'Fortnight for Life' that will remain at the Cardinal Newman Culture and Performing Arts Center until May 23.

Bishop Sant said, during the opening ceremony, "each stage of life is beautiful, precious, and worth honouring."

He also argued that physical disabilities do not undermine human dignity and called for the protection and defence of life.

In a press release, the Diocesan Commission for Life said the exhibit "illustrates the origins of life using relevant medical knowledge and scientific methodology in Catholic beliefs."

The press release stated that visitors will experience "a fantastic journey through the process of how life is created, from conception to birth of a baby."

A lecture was presented to the exhibition audience on Macau's legal procedures for adoption, along with lectures offered by the Diocesan Commission for Life and other organizations.

In addition, the Macao Child Care Center, the Bom Pastor Center or the Diocesan Social Media Center are associated with the centre.

The first lecture included discussions about family planning, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

In the second lecture, the discussion focused on the application process for adopting a child and the support mechanisms available to single mothers and single-parent families.

A third and final lecture organized by the Diocese of Macau is scheduled for May 21 on pre-natal and post-natal care.

A panel of five counsellors will be discussing topics such as emotional adaptation to pregnancy, child development or accompanying caregivers of children with disabilities.

Cardinal Newman Cultural and Performing Arts Center will host a children's painting workshop the same day. 

The initiative promotes artistic expression as a means to foster dialogue and sharing. - Anbu Selvam 


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