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Newly appointed bishop of Kengtung resolves to serve with enthusiasm

Bishop John Saw Yaw Han celebrates thanksgiving mass (Photo supplied)

Bishop John Saw Yaw Han, recently appointed prelate of Kengtung Diocese expressed his firm resolution to serve with enthusiasm till the end. 

“What sort of the situation may be, I make up my mind that I will serve with enthusiasm till the end,” Bishop Yaw Han said.

He was serving as the auxiliary of Yangon Archdiocese when he was appointed to be the bishop of  Kengtung Diocese on November 4. 

Bishop John Saw Yaw Hanin was speaking at the farewell Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral, Yangon on November 19.

“I move to the border region of Kengtung endowed with lovely cultures, beautiful mountains, and nature. It is truly a wonderful divine grace,” the bishop commented.

Someone asked the bishop how he feels about transferring to another diocese. The bishop answered that there is only one single mission territory for God and for the Catholic Church.

“We are priests or religious not for a single group of people in a single place. There is no limitation for going to other places and peoples,” said Bishop Yaw Han.

The bishop added, “We all understand that missionaries are for all the people of all places. Through our love, humility, and services, every place is our home, and all are our relatives whom we meet.”

The prelate thanked all and asked the prayers so that he may serve with love and humility.

Bishop John Saw Yaw Han together with His Eminence Cardinal Charles Bo, Msgr. Hyginus Myint Soe and Msgr. Saw Francis

Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon Archdiocese expressed his mixture of feeling on the transfer of Bishop John Yaw Han.

“There is a mixture of happiness and sadness on this day. It is our happiness that the Archdiocese of Yangon could offer a bishop to another diocese. Giving and offering are signs of maturity and we are happy about it. We are to know that a priest is ordained as bishop for the Universal Church. It is our sadness to offer our beloved and precious bishop to another diocese,” Cardinal Bo said.

Bishop Yaw Han, then Fr. Yaw Han served as Donum Fidei in Kengtung Diocese from 1997-1998. His episcopal ordination was on April 12, 2015.

According to the Secretary of the Kengtung Diocese, Father Stephen Ano, the installation of the newly appointed Bishop will be on December 14, 2022. - Hubert Saw


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