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Pontianak Archdiocese, Army aid flood victims in Indonesia

In collaboration with the Indonesian Army, Pontianak Archdiocese (KAP) distributed relief for flood victims in the Sintang and Sanggau dioceses, West Borneo Province of Indonesia.
Pontianak Archdiocese in collaboration with the Indonesian ARMY distributed aids to the victims of the flood. (Photo: Supplied)

In collaboration with the Indonesian Army, Pontianak Archdiocese (KAP) distributed relief for flood victims in the Sintang and Sanggau dioceses, West Borneo Province of Indonesia. 

The archdiocese raised the aid through the Commission for Socio-Economic Development (PSE)-Caritas Pontianak Archdiocese since November 10.

"Reliefs raised through PSE-Caritas Pontianak Archdiocese have previously been discussed and planned since the beginning of the flood," said Archbishop Agustinus Agus of Pontianak.

The prelate led the aid distribution accompanied by Major Andika from the Indonesian Army and Brother Kris Tampajara, chairperson of PSE Commission and director of Caritas.

Also present during the occasion were Fr. Saut Marulitua, parish administrator, Fr. Joshua, director of carpentry-KAP, Sr. Kresentia and Sr. Muthia from the Franciscan Mission Sisters of St. Anthony.

"Seeing that the flood disaster was getting worse, the Archdiocese of Pontianak through the PSE-Caritas raised funds for people affected by the flood," said Father Marulitua.  

As it is viral circulating on social media, Archbishop Agus and his team have accelerated relief efforts to help victims, the priest explained.

The release of these aids since November 13 has started from Pontianak Archdiocese Office.

"Today, the discharge of the distribution of the relief will use the Army trucks as part of our teamwork," archbishop Agus affirmed. "The first phase of the distribution will be handed over directly to the Sintang Diocese."

The prelate also reminded all members of the Caritas team to prioritize coordination, both with the donors and partners who become collaborators. 

He thanked the donors for their assistance through the humanitarian movement. "Our prayers are for the donors," he stated.

The reliefs distributed during the first phase included six tons of rice and 1,200 boxes of instant noodles, 1,200 oil, and several others. Five armadas have been prepared for the transportation of the donations.

Previously, Sintang Diocese, together with Caritas, had also distributed food and clothing to flood victims in the area.

In the meantime, several parishes in the Sintang diocese have also opened refugee posts for residents who can no longer live in their homes due to flooding.

It has been almost three weeks since the floods in Sintang Regency, West Borneo, took place and have not subsided. As a result, three people died and more than 145,000 people were affected by the flood, according to sources.

Based on the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) data, the flood submerged 12 sub-districts and resulted in approximately 35 thousand houses being flooded.

Meanwhile, internet access is dead. Several areas were cut off from access to electricity, and public facilities such as bridges were severely damaged, including several places of worship that were underwater in water.

Many believe that deforestation and the conversion of forests to palm oil plantations are the main cause of the flood.

Sintang is located in a flood plain, which exists between the two main branches of the river, the famous Kapuas River in Borneo.

Pontianak Archdiocese has an area of about 40 thousand km, with a population of 3,168,340, of which 708,220 are Catholics or about 22,4% of the population are Catholics. 


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