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Singapore: Parish “Thrift Shop” funds Friends-in-Need in the neighborhood

Thrift shop at the Church of St Bernadette, Singapore (Photo supplied)

A parish in the Archdiocese of Singapore recently reopened the “Thrift Shop” amid the pandemic.

Church of St Bernadette at Zion Road used to operate the “Thrift Shop” to which people donate decent quality goods that can be re-sold, but it was closed for some time due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
As the situation has improved now, the parish reopened it recently.
All earnings from the Thrift Shop go to the parish which in turn funds the Friends-in-Need in the neighborhood under the banner of Neighbourhood Christian Communities, says a parishioner.
“We thank parishioners for all their support they have given these many years,” he said.
The parish encourages people to buy at the Thrift Shop. After each Mass on Sunday, people shop and take browse the extensive range of items on sale.
The items the Thrift Shop has are also good examples of what one can donate to the Thrift Shop. 
People can also make any donations at the box outside the shop. 

A Neighbourhood Christian Communities (NCC) is a microcosm of the Church having the following characteristics all parishioners are united with the parish and with each other. They serve and evangelize—mission in action.
NCCs are basic Christianity. Members can devote their lives to forming them and know that they are building something that will last.
The purpose of NCCs is not a church ministry. The members are Christ-centred communities, approved and encouraged by the universal Catholic Church. These communities are a sign of vitality within the Church, an instrument of formation and evangelization, and a solid starting point for a new society based on a civilization of love.
All parishes in the Archdiocese try to be true communities of Christians, local ecclesial authorities ought to foster ‘living’ communities, where the Catholics can communicate the Word of God and express it in service and love to one another. 

NCCs at the Church of St Bernadette are typically a group of parishioners that live nearby (within the same housing cluster or a cluster of nearby blocks). They are a group of about three to five (and up to 20 people) that meets once a month in each other’s homes.
In a large group, not all can turn up for the meetings, and typically about 6 to 10 people are present at monthly meetings. There is no formal group structure or leader and the group is led by facilitators who surface with the grace of the Holy Spirit.
NCCs within the parish is a communion of communities, well-grounded in the Catholic sharing method. When the NCC meets, the facilitator takes the group through sharing the Gospel (Word of the day).
Besides, the NCC holds outreach programs to help the poor and those in need of physical or spiritual support.


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