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From beneficiary to benefactor

December 3, Saturday of the 1st Week of Advent
Daily readings: Isaiah 30:19-21, 23-26; Matthew 9=35-10=1,5a,6-8

"Without cost, you have received; without cost, you are to give." (Mt. 9:8) Through this teaching, Jesus reminds us that we are all beneficiaries of the divine graces, and so we are supposed to be benefactors of those graces to others.

Mother Mary is the greatest example of a "beneficiary becoming a benefactor." She awaited, received, and brought forth the Word of God (Jesus) for the world. She got the word into her heart and womb through the mystery of the annunciation, and she gave HIM to the world through the mystery of the incarnation. She was the greatest beneficiary because she got the word into her heart and womb.  As a pure gift without any cost, she received the Word of God, and without cost, she gave him to the world.

Mother Mary is the greatest "Advent Model" as a beneficiary of the Word of God, and she turned out to be a benefactor to the world by bearing and giving birth to Jesus. Imitating Mother Mary, let us try to be benefactors of the Divine Graces that we have received from the Lord. Amen.


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