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Bound for love

July 30, Saturday, 17th Week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: Jeremiah 26:11-16, 24; Matthew 14:1-12

In bearing witness to the love of the Lord, we may ensure great suffering, as Jeremiah and John the Baptist kept the Lord in front of their eyes

The problem with Jeremiah in the first reading and John the Baptist in the gospel reading is political incorrectness.

Because of their idolatry, the Prophet Jeremiah prophesies that Judah will be led into exile with her kings, priests, and people. This prophecy was not politically correct to the ears of the rulers of Judah.

They accused Jeremiah of treason and put him in prison. By conveniently getting rid of him, people soothe their pricking conscience.

In the gospel reading, when John the Baptist pointed at Herod the Tetrarch about his adultery, he was thrown into prison and was executed at the opportune time.

Jeremiah and John the Baptist are bound for their love for the Lord and the Lord’s Law. They thought it was better to be politically correct.

Let us dwell on these questions: What is our disposition when facing challenges? To what extent do we sacrifice ourselves to suit others or be politically correct? Do we make concessions when family and professional obligations need us to hold fast to our decisions?


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