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Mary, a Woman of Deep Interior Life

June 25, Saturday, 12th Week in Ordinary Time
Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Lamentation 2, 2. 10-14, Gospel: Luke 2:41-51

Mary shows us how to be faithful and obedient believers, even when things get complicated

Today we celebrate the memory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A heart without blemish, full of God, totally open to obeying and listening to him. The core refers to the depths of a person, from which all their thoughts, words, and deeds emanate.

Mary is the faithful servant of the Lord and Zion's devoted daughter. What emanates from Mary's heart? Faith, obedience, tenderness, availability, the spirit of service, strength, humility, simplicity, gratitude, and an endless trail of virtues.

The complaints Mary addresses to her son in the Gospel story are the complaints of a mother who does not understand. And ask for an explanation. Jesus' response is enigmatic. He says first that he has acted as an obligation: he was to be in his father's house.
Jesus is already aware of himself and his mission. Jesus reaffirms that he has finished his childhood. As a young teenager, he must accept the commitment to begin his evangelizing activities.

"His mother carefully kept all things in her heart." Mary is a model of a long-considered faith. She prays and meditates in her heart on the mysteries of her son's life. She does not let events pass by without leaving traces but meditates on them in her heart to discover in them the designs of God.

Mary was a woman of deep inner life. May we learn from it and cultivate this inner life that we need so much to face the challenges of our lives and know how to read the signs of God in our world. And that will be his most outstanding greatness.

How do I keep God in my heart, like Mary? Do I believe that the father’s house may be found within myself?


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