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Parable of the Ten Gold Coins

November 17, Wednesday, 33rd Week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: 2 Maccabees 7:1,20-31 & Luke 19: 11 – 28

Engage in trade with these until I return.

There is an interval between the departure of the Lord through His glorious ascension to heaven and His second coming at the end of time. That interval is the time of the Church's mission.

Jesus has left us the mandate of evangelizing the world. He has given us both talents and responsibilities. Jesus expects us to use the gifts entrusted to us to produce results for the Kingdom of God. We cannot keep our "gold coin" hidden in a handkerchief out of fear or laziness.

Instead, the more we use our gifts for the kingdom of God, the more our blessings will multiply. As Jesus says, "to everyone who has, more will be given."

It has several lessons.
1. That we have all received gifts from God. How do we use them? Are our gifts unwrapped, tucked away and hidden?
2. Servant who did nothing with the gift given him had such a poor image of the master. He feared his master as being demanding. What is the image we have of God?
3. We cannot remain idle in the Christian life for long. We either get more, or we lose what we have. Not to advance is to regress.

Let us assess our gifts and see how we can use them to benefit others, especially for the Church.


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