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Precious moments

Background Music: Panalangin by Mark Anthony Cuevas
    Voiced by: Sr.Venus Marie S. Pegar, sfx
                       Sisters of St. Francis Xavier

May 9, Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter
Daily Readings: Acts 18:1-8; John 16:16-20

Paul continued his mission in Athens, and from there, he went to Corinth. He preached and testified to the Jews and Greeks that Jesus is the Christ. When people opposed him, he shook off his clothing, reminded them that he was clean, and went to the Gentiles. He delivered a sermon in the synagogue, inspiring many Corinthians to convert and receive baptism in Jesus' name.

In the Gospel today, Jesus reminded the disciples that in a little while they will not see him, for He will go to the Father. Jesus explained to the disciples that although they would lament and weep, the world would rejoice, and they would suffer from sorrow, but their sorrow would transform into joy.

They cannot fathom why Jesus needs to leave; he could stay if he wants,  for he is powerful.  But because he respects his Father's desires, he abides by him. He even emphasized that they will temporarily suffer, but later on, they will transform into happiness.

If you are a disciple of Jesus, what will be your reaction? Perhaps you might express astonishment at the transformation of sorrow into joy.

But even though we cannot fathom its meaning, it is important to make precious memories for the last moment. We should value presence, especially if the person isn't coming back at all.

Call to Action for Catholic Living: Yes, there will be sadness, but it is usually temporary, and once we understand the true meaning of what Jesus means, there will be happiness. We just need to trust the process and put our faith in God.

Lord, help us to cherish each moment of being with you. Amen.


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