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The rich young man

Reflection Date: August 16, 2021
Daily Reading:  Judges 2:11-19 & Matthew 19:16-22

He went away sad.

The earnest young man in the Gospel misses his chance of a lifetime. He is looking for what really matters – eternal life. He goes to the right person – Jesus. The young man is told how to gain eternal life – by keeping the commandments. But when he asks what is yet lacking of him, and Jesus gives him an answer that will assure him treasure in heaven, the young man refuses because he cannot let go of his possessions.

Jesus should be the greatest treasure of our hearts. For Him we should be willing to give up even our life. It may sound impractical, difficult to achieve but with the grace of God we will be able to come to that level of giving Him our everything.

For the rich young man, his possessions, not Jesus, was the most important. What about you? 

Fr. Joseph Cardozo, SJ | Contributor 


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