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Trust in God

August 2, Tuesday, the 18th week in Ordinary Time
Daily readings: Jeremiah 30:1-2, 12-15, 18-22, Gospel 14:22-36

Even amid life's storms, we must always be faithful and trust God.

After contemplating the first reading from the book of Jeremiah today, we might be astonished and question, "Why does God allow terrible things or sufferings to occur to humans?" Similarly, reading the Gospel today might lead to asking, "Why did Peter not believe in God and ultimately drown?"

Naturally, humans dislike pain, sadness, and other emotions that oppose a sense of contentment. This could be true for everyone. However, the book of Jeremiah demonstrates that if God permits unpleasant things to occur in human life, he promises to restore such situations or conditions. Jeremiah acknowledges that human life is an ongoing process marked by sorrow and anguish and that God permits this to occur. The agony during the process is unbearable. We begin to lose everything, including the people we care about.

However, there is one thing we must not forget during such conditions: our faith in God. In today's Gospel story, Peter shows us how to maintain our faith in God even during a storm. The same is true for us, urged to believe in God during such a difficult time. We do not drown in anxiety and withdraw from God like Peter did when he was submerged in water.

Amid our challenges and difficulties, let us not forget that God will always be with us. Let us consistently put our faith in God; he has promised to save us from the storms of our lives, just as he saved Peter from drowning in deep water.


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