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The ungodly men reason unsoundly

March 24, Friday, Fourth Week of Lent
Wisdom 2: 1a, 12-22; John 7:.1-2, 25-30

Wisdom is the rarest of gifts one generation passes on to the next.  Today we hear some wise lines from the Book of wisdom. It starts by saying that ungodly men reasoned unsoundly. When we read that sentence, we feel who does not know such a simple thing in life! The fact is that till we become wise we take such simple real truths for granted.

To the unwise, wisdom points out, the very sight of a wise person becomes a burden. Their presence, words and actions oppose the existing belief system of the unwise.  So, the unwise conclusion, they arrive at is, ‘so let us condemn them to death’. That type of logic prevailed all the time. Gandhi who spoke boldly and wisely was shot dead. Nelson Mandela had to go to jail. Jesus was crucified. You see how accurate the words of wisdom are!

We see that wise story literally happening in today’s second reading and often in the present world too. The roar of War is resounding in some parts of the world: Russia and Ukraine; what is the justification for it as well as the killings thereof?  The ungodly continue to reason unsoundly. Jesus began to become aware that the Jews wanted to proceed in their worldly way of reasoning and see him killed. However, Jesus while facing the big opposition, would keep on asserting himself, remaining spiritually shielded by Abba.

He knew truth will make him internally free and externally courageous to voice out his belief. He said boldly and clearly, “you know me and you know where I come from. I know Him. He sent me. God is by my side.”

He would want us to follow the path of truth, keeping our ears attentive to Abba. To enroll as a student of wisdom, in which Jesus got graduated already at a young age, we need to take quality time to sit in quiet prayerful silence and brood over the events and our thoughts, till wisdom gets hatched.

The faster one becomes wise, the better for all, including the future generation.


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