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But who do you say that I am?

August 4, Thursday, the 18th week in Ordinary Time/Memorial of Saint John Vianney, Priest
Daily readings:  Jeremiah 31:31-34, Gospel Matthew 16:13-23

Our understanding and confidence in God are firmly rooted in our intimate relationship with him.

Our knowledge of Jesus is heavily influenced by the closeness and profundity of our relationship with him. The questions Jesus posed to Peter and the disciples were, "Who do you say that I am?" They are also questions for us.

This ostensibly simple question is quite challenging to answer. This question tests our knowledge of Jesus. And to answer this question, a deep relationship with Jesus is required. Our relationship with Jesus must be strengthened via personal experiences. This event will serve as the basis for our consideration of the role of Jesus Christ in our lives.

It's possible that this question never crossed our minds. Even though we may have celebrated the Eucharist many times, we may not know much about Jesus, even though we have been Catholics for a long time. During this period, we may be unaware of the depth of our confidence in Jesus.

Through conversation with Jesus, it is possible to develop a deeper relationship. Through daily prayer and meditation on God's word, you can communicate with Jesus and God. This intimacy via comments and prayer enables us to know Jesus more intimately. If we do not create a relationship with Christ through God's Word and prayer, we will not be able to know Jesus intimately, nor will our faith be able to grow and mature.

The Gospel for today endeavors to answer the question, "Who is Jesus to me?" Everyone has a unique response. As baptized Christians, we must also come to know Jesus intimately based on genuine life experiences rather than merely listening to what others say.

Therefore, let's get to know Jesus better.


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