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From Kitchen to Chamber: A lawyer’s journey

New Advocate Answara (Photo by Manoj V George)

A former Supreme Court Justice and senior advocate supported a poor woman from the southern state of Kerala to dream big—to be a lawyer. 
Justice Kurian Joseph and Advocate Manoj V George helped Answara, a former employee at a restaurant in Kochi, a commercial city in Kerala, to study law.
Justice Joseph and George are Catholics and legal luminaries in the Indian judiciary. They helped Answara financially and guided her to chart out a new direction and dream in life. 
“It is a proud moment to welcome Advocate Anaswara to our Chambers of Newtons Law, Kochi. She is a newly baked lawyer,” said George.
She made it to be a lawyer after conquering many mountains in life. Being from a very poor family, she was working in a restaurant, made “porottas” for a living, and did her studies simultaneously. 
Parotta is a Subcontinental layered flatbread made from wheat flour, alternatively known as flaky ribbon pancake. It is very common in Kerala.
“Attorney Anaswara was the breadwinner of her family. Now, she is the real heroine of the day. We are proud that she made it to this day,” George said. 
She will work as a junior advocate at Chambers of Newtons Law, a law firm based in Kochi, where George is a partner and senior advocate. 
He and other advocates will mentor Anaswara to build her legal career.
George thanked for the support of Justice Joseph, a Good Samaritan in rendering a helping hand in her studies. 
“Her journey to the Law Chamber is truly inspiring and our law firm could guide her few years of education. We all welcome Anaswara to the world of Law,” George said.
Timely intervention can bake the best products for society. A few advocates and others ventured to mentor her during her studies. Her early days of working in a restaurant are over. Now, she is to discover new things by wearing a black barrister gown and waistcoat, he explained. 
Meanwhile, Anaswara was full of gratitude to Justice Joseph and George and others who supported her in her journey in the legal profession.

“I am blessed to have defied all odds and managed to be a lawyer. I am happy to be a new junior in the world of Law,” she added. 

She also thanked God, family members, and others, especially Justice Joseph and George for their invaluable contribution to her life and helping her turn the dream into reality.

Many have hailed the support of Justice Joseph and Geroge for Anaswara who was able to turn the page to the new chapter of the life she wanted to be.
Kerala, and other states in India, have stories of human courage that hold out hope that all is not over in a world full of hate, loot, exploitation, targeted killing, and, above all, abject poverty, said John Dayal, a senior journalist, and human rights activist.
“Congratulations to this young woman [Anaswara] who understood the dignity of labor and is not ashamed of the phase of poverty that has made her a person stronger and more learned in issues of life than most of us,” he said. 
The support of Justice Joseph and George for her education was “an act of true Christian service.” 
When the success story of Anaswara was posted on social media, Prabakar Kamath commented, “God bless Anaswara’s great journey. It is truly inspirational.” 


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