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World-first Studio Chapel inaugurated in Mumbai, India

The world’s first-ever STUDIO CHAPEL was inaugurated at Saint Paul’s Bandra Campus in Mumbai, India on January 28.
Studio Chapel Control Cabin. (Photo: Supplied)

The world’s first-ever Studio Chapel was inaugurated at Saint Paul’s Bandra Campus in Mumbai, India on January 28.

Speaking to his adherents of the Pauline charism Blessed James Alberione, the Founder of the Pauline Family had once affirmed: “The means of Evangelization are varied, but the method is one: to give Jesus Christ, Master – the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Imagine his delight on seeing from above that those ‘various means’ today include actively ministering to God’s people via the internet.

Necessity, the mother of invention

With all live liturgical celebrations stopped by the COVID-19 Pandemic-lockdown, ‘live-streaming’ emerged as the new buzzword. Thus, on December 1, 2020, in the 50th year of Alberione’s rebirth in Heaven, the Bandra Community of Saint Paul’s, Mumbai, India with ten online participants came together at the Community Chapel to offer daily Online Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament titled “30 HOLY MINUTES” [8.30 pm to 9.00 pm] live-streamed on their YouTube channel, Saint Pauls Multimedia.

That number has now swelled to thousands of digital pilgrims of the Eucharistic Lord including clergy, religious and lay-folk cutting across all age boundaries and from all walks of life the world over, adoring Him in the Blessed Sacrament, worshipping Him, praising Him, loving Him and, more importantly, allowing themselves to be loved by Him!

The world’s first-ever STUDIO CHAPEL was inaugurated and solemnly blessed, with Holy Mass celebrated on its newly dedicated altar at Saint Paul’s Bandra Campus on January 28, 2022—the fruit of the deepening love affair between the Divine Master and His people.

God on the internet

Alberione, who described his Pauline book-centres as places where the Word meets the world, would in all likelihood have described the studio-chapel as a place where God rendezvouses with man.

Jesus’ injunction to Alberione, “Do not be afraid… I am with you. From here I want to enlighten… Be sorry for sins,” which has since long graced the Sanctuary wall of every Pauline Chapel, now stands witness to the changing face of the pandemic and the fluctuating fortunes of man. Doing the honours, John Rodrigues, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, said: “This Chapel is a sign of God’s presence. It points to God’s presence everywhere and it also points to God’s presence within us.”

“In our times, God has spoken to us through His Son…” (Heb1:2)

The chapel, which could more aptly have been termed Saint Paul’s Media Chapel, was built entirely with contributions from the digital participants of the ongoing 30 Holy Minutes worldwide totaling USD 27,000 (over INR 2 million).

The world’s first-ever STUDIO CHAPEL was inaugurated at Saint Paul’s Bandra Campus in Mumbai, India on January 28.
Bishop John blessing the chapel. (Photo: Supplied)

This facility, which could have more aptly been termed Saint Paul’s Media Chapel, will in time include youth and children from all the five continents serving as Apostles of the Eucharist and the Word. As such, it will daily nourish thousands of hungry-&-thirsty souls through Jesus-encounters via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., echoing Pope Francis’ sentiments: “The COVID-19 pandemic has in some way given us a chance to develop new ways of living.”

Thanking Saint Paul for their effort, Bishop John said, “God speaks to His people in so many ways. He is speaking to us even through this pandemic. This chapel is also a medium of God’s message for His people. From this chapel, people will experience God’s blessings and graces as He will speak to them through Eucharistic Adoration and other spiritual animations. Their faith will be strengthened.”

Father Varghese Gnalian, Provincial Superior of the Society of Saint Paul, graciously acknowledged the generous contributions to accomplishing this Godly project. Said he, “We dedicate this beautiful chapel, the first-of-its-kind in the province, to the benefit of each one of you! It is your chapel from where online spiritual support will be offered besides being open to the general public.”

Interestingly, apart from the 30-minute online Eucharistic Adoration, the chapel will be used for daily Mass, inner healing retreats, catechetical instruction and animation led by priests, youth and lay leaders, with recorded videos on YouTube.

Father Johnson Vattakunnel, General Editor of ST. PAULS & BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS avers that “Saint Paul’s Studio Chapel is a response to Pope Francis’ call to bring people to God in prayer; to unload all our viruses before Jesus the eternal anti-virus who will protect us from every harm, bringing peace, joy and healing.”

“Within two years, Saint Paul’s Multimedia, the YouTube channel of the Society, grossed over 34,000 subscribers!” reminisces Father Johny Panamthanam, Director of Saint Paul’s Multimedia, Bandra. Father Johny himself painstakingly designed the facility.

“Many have written in, testifying to healings resulting from their participation in the 30 Holy Minutes,” chimes in Father Renold Pascal who dexterously handles the entire animation.

In his concluding remarks, Bishop John Rodrigues said: May the Gospel go forth to all the ends of the Earth from this chapel. Surely, God has inspired this community of Saint Paul’s to use technology to proclaim God’s Word and let people experience God’s strength, consolation and courage.”


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