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International Day of Rural Women

"When women have access to land, there are improvements in household welfare, agricultural productivity, and gender equality," says UN Women's Executive Director.

The International Day of Rural Women is celebrated on October 15.

As part of the day's commemoration, rural women, including indigenous women, have made a crucial contribution to agricultural development, food security, and poverty eradication.

In 2008, October 15 was the first International Day of Rural Women.

Women play an active role in rural economies, involving themselves in crop production, livestock care, providing food, water, and fuel to their families, and many other activities to diversify their livelihoods.

For decades, after it was established in 1945, the United Nations has devoted itself to maintaining peace and friendship among nations through important humanitarian initiatives, resolutions, and acts.

The United Nations has contributed significantly to the uplift and well-being of women, especially in rural areas, which is one of its most notable accomplishments.

Women's empowerment and honour were one of the main themes at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, in 1995.

To recognize the significant role that rural women play in agriculture, food production, and food safety, the International Day of Rural Women was suggested to coincide with World Food Day on October 16.

A resolution was passed during the 2003 World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva on the importance of building information and communication technology capacity for women and indigenous peoples living in remote and rural communities.

This resolution was also taken up during the 2005 Tunis Agenda for Information Society in Tunis, Tunisia.

October 15 was declared International Day of Rural Women worldwide by the United Nations General Assembly in resolution 62/136 on December 18, 2007.

The International Day of Rural Women has now been observed in many countries around the world and honours the work of these women in maintaining rural households and ensuring the general well-being of groups of people, despite stereotypes and struggles.

Three ways to observe the International Day of Rural Women:

  1. To spread this awareness, people can write blog articles or post on social media about the International Day of Rural Women on October 15.
  2. This day, several debates and discussions on women's empowerment and policy decisions are airing on television and radio, and you can either attend one or watch the telecast to gain more knowledge.
  3. Team up with any charitable non-governmental organization and try to do something that will make a change in the lives of women living in rural areas. Educational facilities, scholarships for women, financial assistance, and tips on menstrual health and sanitization are some of the things you can consider.

These are a few important reasons to celebrate this international day of rural women:

  1. On this day, we can appreciate the work and contributions made by women, especially in rural areas, in agriculture and community development.
  2. Women in remote rural areas need our help, and there are plenty of ways to reach out and help them, from basic amenities to financial assistance.
  3. Women are subject to a variety of social and gender norms. Women in rural areas still face stereotypes and prejudices despite the improvement in their lives in cities. On this day, we must stand up for these women and support them in breaking free from social norms and discrimination.

Let us allow ourselves to understand the struggles faced by women, especially in rural places. It allows us to appreciate the hard work and contributions of these women in agriculture and the development of rural communities.


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