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International Day for Tolerance

Did you know it's International Tolerance Day on November 16 every year?

International Tolerance Day is a time for people all over the world to celebrate diversity and mutual acceptance.

What is the International Day for Tolerance?
The International Day for Tolerance is a day when people all over the world join to cultivate tolerance and respect for the diverse ways people live.

1995 UNESCO Declaration of Principles of Tolerance reads, "Tolerance is respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures, our ways of expressing ourselves, and our ways of being human."

The International Day for Tolerance is a day to celebrate diversity and tolerance. It is also a day to make sure that everyone's ideas have a place.

History of International Day for Tolerance
The declaration is a way for all governing and participating bodies to understand what tolerance is and what it means. This declaration also confirms that tolerance is not indulgence or indifference. Tolerance is respect and appreciation for the world's rich cultural diversity, its forms of expression, and the way we are human.

In 1996, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 51/95 proclaiming 16 November as International Day for Tolerance.

This action followed the adoption of a Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by UNESCO's Member States on 16 November 1995.

The meaning of the International Day for Tolerance
The point of celebrating the International Day for Tolerance is to show respect for everyone's universal human rights and basic freedoms. The hope is that tolerance will help mixed communities in every part of the world to stay alive.

Tolerance is more than passive acceptance of the other. It carries an obligation to act and must be taught, nurtured, and defended. For states to be tolerant, they must invest in people and help them reach their full potential through education, inclusion, and opportunities.

This means building a society based on respect for human rights, where fear, mistrust, and feeling left out are replaced by pluralism, participation, and respect for diversity and differences.

How to Celebrate International Tolerance Day
How do you commemorate the International Day for Tolerance?

Here are some recommendations for things you can do to celebrate the International Day of Tolerance.

  • Respect diversity and fight against all forms of intolerance.
  • Educate yourself about the differences between tolerance and intolerance.
  • Spread awareness and education on the importance of tolerance
  • Disseminate information about cultural diversity around the world
  • Learn to respect opinions and understand other people's points of view.
  • Participate in activities or events on the theme of the International Day of Tolerance.
  • Campaign for the commemoration of the International Day for Tolerance on social media
  • Put up an International Day for Tolerance ribbon and share it on social media.

How to fight intolerance
Combating intolerance necessitates the involvement of multiple parties According to the United Nations website, there are numerous approaches to combating intolerance, including:

Law: It is up to governments to make sure that all people have equal access to dispute resolution, and that crimes, hatred, and discrimination get punished.

Education: Laws are important, but they are not enough to fight intolerance. More and better education should be a bigger focus.

Access to information: The best way to stop people from spreading hate is to support freedom of the press and support a diverse press so that people can tell the difference between facts and opinions.

Individual awareness: Intolerance begets other intolerances. That is to say, people must be made aware of how their actions contribute to the vicious circle of mistrust and violence.

Local Solution: When intolerance is getting worse, there is no need to wait for the government and institutions to do something. We are all part of the solution.

On this year's International Day of Tolerance, people will likely talk about basic human values like fairness, respect, and keeping differences.

In addition, this celebration also invites the global community to fight injustice and hatred that cause intolerance


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