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World Television Day

Every year World Television Day is observed on November 21 to celebrate the philosophy that it represents rather than the tool itself.

Television is commonly acknowledged as a symbol of communication and globalization for education, information, and entertainment. It influences our decisions and opinions.

Television stands as the largest source of video consumption although screen sizes and technology have changed. People create content and post on many media platforms so the number of users of television is still rising in the world.

Television broadcasting is a daily source of entertainment and information, affecting public opinion and informing all about important issues in the world.

The observance of World Day of Television recognizes the important role of television in everyday life.

World Television Day invites governments, organizations, and individuals to support the development of television media by providing unbiased information about sensitive issues and events.

Television has an impact on the process of decision-making by broadcasting world news of conflicts, threats to peace and security, and economic and social issues.

It plays the role of an ambassador for the entertainment industry and is used to broadcast freedom of expression and to increase cultural diversity.

In Religion, the important role of television in providing pastoral care is undeniable, especially during the global pandemic. It helps very much in evangelization. According to, there are twenty-two Catholic television channels and there could be more.

Television plays an important role in politics. In 1960, the Democratic candidate John F. Kennedy won the election benefitting from the first televised debate against the Republican Richard M. Nixon.

Today the internet has connected us globally but television paved the way for what was to come.

The United Nations(UN) held the first World Television Forum on 21 and 22 November 1996 to discuss the growing importance of television in modern world and to consider how they might develop their mutual cooperation.

That is why the UN General Assembly proclaimed November 21 as World Television Day.

The UN encourages all member countries to observe the day through a global exchange of television programs on issues of peace, security, economy, and social and cultural developments.

Why We Love World Television Day
Television has become a part of our daily lives. The reported on April 30, 2018, that Americans and Canadians stood first in watching Television for an average of four hours and three minutes a day. Europeans followed with three hours and forty-nine minutes a day in 2017. The Asians watch Television for two hours and twenty-five minutes a day.

According to, we can get some benefits by watching television.

Television creates a community because we can chat about television shows, news programs, or sports with our friends according to our interests.

Television has many educational benefits for all as a tool for learning with educational programs.

Television is a source of local and global news, and the weather, and it can bring entertainment also.

Television can provide a culture from behind the screen without travelling anywhere.

Television can help us to feel less lonely and relieve our stress reducing cortisol levels or the “stress hormone,” according to research done at the University of California

Television can be a tool for family bonding by spending time together as a family. It can also break families.

How to celebrate World Television Day
On World Television Day, educational institutions may convene seminars to discuss media and communication issues and how television promotes cultural diversity. The role of television in social, religious, political, ecological, and economic developments may be brought to a common understanding.

The best way to celebrate World Television Day is by watching television. Let us turn on our television and watch. In doing so, we recognize the true purpose of television media, to educate and inspire.

My dear readers, please kindly leave a message in the comment how will you celebrate the World Day of Television.


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