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Indian Christians warn against religious propaganda about cows

Police detain members of the Hindu nationalist federation of cattle protection Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal holding placards and shouting slogans for the protection of cows and demanding cows to be declared national animal during a protest in Hyderabad on Jan. 8. (Photo by Noah Seelam/AFP via

A group of Indian Christians have warned against what they described as a “propaganda operation” that might “polarize society along ethno-religious lines.”

The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) was reacting to a syllabus released by a government agency that claims that “Jesus Christ said that killing a cow is like killing a human being.”

A report by the Italian site said the “quote” is found in a syllabus designed to prepare for a “national cow exam.”

Sajan K. George, GCIC president, however, warned that it might trigger violence against Christians, Adivasis, Dalits, and Muslims.

The syllabus also claimed that earthquakes are caused by slaughtering cattle and Africa is arid because cow dung is no longer used as fuel.

The National Kamadhenu Commission, known as RKA, which is responsible for the welfare of India’s sacred cows and its use for human benefit, issued the syllabus ahead of an online examination on Feb. 25.

The syllabus contains questions and answers, comments and explanations that aim to help people prepare for the exam.

Vallabhbhai Kathiria, RKA chairman, said the exam is aimed mainly at students, and serves to “raise awareness and educate” people on cattle and learn about “cow science.” said that one section of the syllabus titled “What famous people said about the cow,” attributed the quote from Jesus Christ.

GCIC’s George, however, said the quote is a “half-truth.” He said the Jesus quote is not only false (no source is mentioned in the syllabus), but dangerous.

“Tribal Christians have been lynched for skinning dead cows,” he said. So-called “cow vigilantes” have also targeted Muslims, tribal people and Dalits.

“Anyone who eats beef could be crushed by anti-slaughter laws,” said George.

The GCIC has issued a statement calling for the removal of the Jesus quote from the syllabus. -


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