Prayer for Myanmar

Pope Francis this month is offering a prayer intention for women who suffer various kinds of violence.

In the face of “degradation of all humanity,” the Holy Father asked that women be protected by society and that their sufferings be heeded.

It is a powerful message against violence that millions of women suffer daily -- psychological, verbal, physical, and sexual.

For Pope Francis, these abuses are “acts of cowardice and a degradation of all humanity.” 

After listening to the pope’s prayer intention, one thing came into my mind.

As a citizen of Myanmar, I realized that the government elected by the people in my country, led by Aung San Su Kyi, has been abused psychologically, verbally, and physically.

Despite being a woman of 75, she The Lady continues to fight for truth, justice, peace, love, and freedom. For the time being she and her party members are under house arrest. 

Let us stand with her for truth, justice, peace, love, and freedom of my country. 

This is the time that we -- the Church in Myanmar and Church in Asia and all over the world -- be the voice of the voiceless.

Prayer for the people in Myanmar 

Lord hear the cry of the people in Myanmar 
Freedom, peace and the rights of people are taken away
They are suffering from all abuses done by evil people
Lord, change the heart of these evil people and remove all forms of oppression
Let freedom, justice, peace and the rights of people flourish in Myanmar
We put our trust in you and ask all our needs through the intercession of Mary Queen of Peace.