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Indian Catholic construct 38 homes for destitute

J. Clement, age 54, is a devout Catholic who constructed 38 free homes in Tamil Nadu and Kerala for the IRULAR COMMUNITY and the impoverished.

"I am helping Schedule Tribals (ST) Irular Community people by building a simple new house for them. I have built 36 houses in Gummidipoondi, and two houses in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh," he said. 

Clement is originally from Puthukkary Village, Kuttanad Taluk, Alleppy District, Kerala, but in 1989, he shifted to Gummidipoondi, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu, India.

His family consists of his wife, Sindhu, his two sons, Ebin and Febin, and his daughter, Jeffin. He believes that humans should assist one another.

"He believes God cannot help directly, so he created human beings to help and love one another, and I do that and I will do that. I will never stop giving the gospel values to everyone who is in need," he told RVA. 

In addition, he said, "I will build more houses for the poor and needy, and my charity will continue."

He said, "During the year 2010, I saw a blind man living under a banyan tree with his wife and three children. Although the old man owned a plot of land, he did not have the money to build a house on it. To help this old man and his family, I built my first free house in Sirupuzhalpettai village, Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu."

Since 2010, he has started to build over 38 free new houses for the Irular Community in Tamil Nadu, and he has also extended this mission to Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

His dream is to build at least 100 free houses for poor and needy people.

Bishop Sebastian Pozheli Perampil of Hosur diocese opened his 34th free house for the poor and appreciated that he is a man filled with zeal, a spirit of justice, and love.

Bishop Perampil appreciates his work, saying, "Not everyone who has a heart will love the poor and needy; only those who have experienced Christ's love can give it to others in that way. Clement has experienced Christ's love abundantly, and I wish him the best."

On April 29, 2020, he donated more than 7,000 cubic meters of medical oxygen to poor and needy COVID-19 patients.

Additionally, he donated rice and other resources to 600 needy people, as well as medical oxygen cylinders valued at 12035.09 USD (Rs. 10,00,000.00) to the Tamil Nadu government.

He also organized multiple COVID-19 vaccination camps at Gummidipoondi during COVID-19.

As part of his annual charitable activities, he pays for the tuition, books, and stationery of poor children, and he donated smartphones to children for their online classes during the pandemic.

Moreover, every year, he arranges free medical camps for poor people who are suffering and have no money to go to the hospital.

In 2020, he received the "Best Social Service Award "from Kerala Minister A.K. Balan and Tamil Nadu Minister K. Pandiarajan.

In 2021, he received Best Social Service Appreciation from DMK Leader M.K. Stalin. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

He has since returned to Chennai and is currently running a company called Bharath Oxygen Licensee (Medical and Industrial Gas Unit) in Gummidipoondi.

Ramu from the Irular Community said, "For 35 years, we have been staying in Rampuram Village, but we have not received any support from the government. But Ayya, and Amma, (the respective words ‘Sir’ and 'Mother') came to our village and asked us if we would help you, and you just be with us for your help."

He said, "Ayya Clement asked how many families were staying here, and I replied that 19 families were staying here. His promise was that I would build the house to protect your family from all-natural calamities without worrying about it."

He sponsored more than 600 people during COVID-19 by providing things like 10 kilos of rice, 1 liter of oil, and other grocery items.


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