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Need to pray and give thanks to God

October 9, Sunday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: 2 Kings 5:14-17, 2 Timothy 2:8-13, Gospel: Luke 17:11-19

In today’s Gospel, “Ten leapers shouted, “Jesus, Master, pity us!” Jesus heard their prayer and cured them. If they did not ask Jesus, they won’t be cured. That is why we need to ask God what we need.

A blind man shouted and asked Jesus to save him. Jesus asked him, “What do you want?” Why did Jesus ask this question? Jesus might know already that what the blind man wants most is eyesight. Jesus wanted to hear his prayer. Thus, we need to pray. “Jesus asked them to show themselves to the priests.” Here, Jesus showed his respect for the Mosaic Law. After the priests acknowledged that he is cured, they can stay in the community again.

“Where are the other nine lepers?” To praise God, there is no one except the pagan. Jesus teaches us that we need to thank God and praise God. We, human beings, pray when we are in difficulties or danger, or despair. After overcoming these difficulties, we forget to give thanks to God. For example, a student prayed very hard to pass the exam. After passing the exam, he gave a party and forgot to give thanks to God. Jesus is teaching us through the Gospel that we need to give thanks to God for what we received from God.

Thus, we need to pray and we need to thank God after our prayers are answered.


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