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WORDLINKS 7: Biblical History; Locating Ourselves in the Biblical Time, New Testament

Important Biblical Dates: NT (CE) BOOK REFRENCE

1. Birth of Jesus 6-4 BCE
     (Before the death of Herod the Great)

2. Rule of Herod the Great’s sons
     4 BCE - 6 CE Archelaus (Judea and Samaria)
     4 BCE – 39 CE Herod Antipas (Galilee and Perea-Transjordan)
     4 BCE – 34 CE Philip the Tetrarch (East and North of Galilee)
     Roman Prefects: 6-41 (Pontius Pilate: 26-36)

3. Jesus Event: 27-30
     Public ministry, death and resurrection

4. Paul’s Ministry: 30-63

1 Thess; Rom; 1-2 Cor; Gal; Phil; Phlm

5. Herod Agrippa I: 37-44
     He extended rule gradually over entire of Palestine

6. Roman procurators: 44-66
     Roman procurators ruled the whole of Palestine

7. First Jewish Revolt: 66-70

8. Siege and fall of Jerusalem: 70
     Titus captured Jerusalem and the destroyed the temple
     70-100: Writing of most NT books

Mk; Mt; Lk and Acts; John; Eph;
Col; 2 Thess; 1-2 Tim; Titus; Heb;
James; 1 Pet; 1-3 John; Jude; Rev

9. Second Jewish Revolt: 132-135

10. Emperor Hadrian and persecution
     In the year 134-135, Hadrian demolished Jerusalem to build Aelia Capitolina. He banned all Jews to enter Jerusalem, not even to come near to the place.

The Origin of the Gospel text   

Jesus’s Event (Experience) : 1 >> 30

Apostolic Preaching (Story-Tradition) : 30 >> 70

Evangelists’ Writing (Writing, editing, redacting) : 70 >> 100


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