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17 civilians including minors killed in airstrike on Myanmar villages

17 civilians including minors were killed and more than 30 people were injured in an airstrike on Myanmar churches in villages on January 7, 2024. (Photo: RVA Zou Laa)

The Myanmar Junta killed 17 civilians, including minors, and injured more than 30 people in an airstrike on Myanmar churches in villages on January 7, 2024.

The incident occurred during a Church service in Kanan town near the Indian border around 9:55 AM.

Besides killing civilians, the airstrike also destroyed more than ten houses, along with a school and a Christian church, and there were casualties among worshippers.

Kanan lies along the Asian Highway in the Tamu township district, between Khampat and Boukkan.

The distance to the Tamu District Headquarters is approximately 50 kilometers.

It took place between BP No.58 (Khampat) and BP No.64 (Molcham), and some of the villages on the Indian side of the border include New Leijang, Yangnomphai, New Somtal, Aivomjang, and Molcham.

Fighting between the military and rebel militias has wreaked havoc on Myanmar since the overthrow of Aung San Suu Kyi's government in 2021.

The military government has intensified airstrikes against pro-democracy armed groups, including the Peoples Defense Force, and ethnic minority guerrilla groups pursuing greater autonomy over the past two years.

On occasion, the two factions collaborate in conducting coordinated offensives against the military.


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