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Archbishop Joseph Mittathany dies at the age of 91

Archbishop Mittathany (1931-2022) will be remembered for his significant contributions to the education sector of Manipur state.

Joseph Mittathany, Retired Archbishop of Imphal, Manipur passed away on July 11, after suffering from a chest infection and prolonged illness. He breathed his last at the Catholic Medical Center (CMC) Hospital, in Imphal

Funeral services will be held in Imphal's St. Joseph's Cathedral on Thursday July 14, 2022 at 10 AM.

His love for Manipur's people is well-known, especially for his work in education and medicine.

In his capacity as head of the Church in Manipur, he made a significant contribution to the education sector of the state. 

Many of the state's bureaucrats and intellectuals come from the Catholic missionary schools in Manipur during his tenure as Archbishop of Imphal.

He opened as many as 27 parishes and mission centres during his illustrious tenure as head of the Diocese of Imphal. 

The diocese relies heavily on the infrastructure he built during his tenure, and he made St. Joseph's Cathedral Parish his home after his retirement. 

His first assignment was as Bishop of Tezpur in 1969, and in 1995, he was appointed Archbishop of Manipur after Imphal Diocese was elevated to Archdiocese.

Mittathany was born in Kalikavu in Kerala's Kottayam city on July 12, 1931 and in 1980 he became the first bishop of Imphal Diocese.

He was ordained as a priest on April 23, 1959. He served 63 years as a priest and 53 years as a bishop. 

He retired on 12 July 2006 after serving as an Archbishop for 27 years, at Retreat House in Imphal, and from 1996-2006 he was president of the North East Bishops' Conference.


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