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Bangladesh Church Promotes Homestead and Livelihood Protection

The Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace hosts a seminar to promote livelihood and homestead protection at Holy Cross Church in Luxmibazar on July 22. (Photo: Supplied)

The Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace of the Bishops' Conference of Bangladesh in the archdiocese of Dhaka held a seminar on July 22 at Holy Cross Church in Luxmibazar, Dhaka, about promoting livelihood and homestead protection.

The event was attended by about 90 people. CBCB Justice and Peace Commission Secretary Father Liton H. Gomes, staff of MC Sisters, and teachers of St. Gregory and St. Francis Xavier schools as well as the members of the Sweepers Community were among the participants.

The seminar's theme was "A Simple Life is a Rich Life." Living a slow and simple life just feels good, excellent even. You have less stress and anxiety because you're not trying to do everything. This can result in a massive boost to your mental health.

This seminar's primary aim is to live with others simply, in the spirit of help and good cooperation, service, love others as ourselves, and living in peace and joy.

Father Gomes, the executive secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission, talked about the environment in Dhaka and how to live a healthy, well-ordered life anywhere.

The program director of Caritas Bangladesh, Sukleash George Costa, said, "Always pray and remember God for our good life. Planning and saving with the family, eating healthy food, organizing what we have, and moving together without expecting too much".

"If we all conduct ourselves in this way, life will be easy, and a life of simple prosperity will develop," said Costa.

One of the participants, Elma Rozario, said, "We cannot keep our houses clean due to work and busyness. I got the idea from this seminar that it affects our children and their behavior.

"Many times there is disharmony in the family, distance is created in the relationship, and it brings chaos in the world. God sent us to this earth to take care of the earth. If the world is not good, we cannot live well. So you have to take care of yourself, take care of the environment, and take care of your neighbors" said Elma.

                  - With input from Sr. Mary Anna Gomes/Bengali Service


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