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Bangladesh leaders hold interreligious dialogue on peaceful coexistence in light of the diversity of religions

Bangladeshi inter-religious leaders attended a seminar on "Peaceful Coexistence in Disciplines of Faith and Child Protection" in the Dhamoirhat Upazila of Naogaon district auditorium on May 24. (Photo: Father Patrick Gomes)

Rajshahi Diocesan Commission for Christian Unity and Interreligious Dialogue and World Vision Bangladesh hosted a dialogue seminar for other religious leaders on peaceful coexistence in the discipline of faith at the auditorium of Dhamoirhat Upazila of Naogaon district on May 24.

The seminar starts with readings from the sacred Books of Quran, Geeta, and Bible, followed by candle lighting.

Around 90 people from different religions and leaders of the Dhamoirhat Upazila of Naogaon district participated in this event.

The head of the Commission for Christian Unity and Interreligious Dialogue, Father Patrick Gomes, said, "The interfaith dialogue seminar was lively, and everyone tried to share that we are all creatures of the same Creator on this earth, and we are all brothers and sisters as human beings."

"So, we all should show respect to people of all religions. Only then can we have a peaceful coexistence under the discipline of faith," said Father Gomes.

An open forum was held dealing with two issues: one was about how to live peacefully in their locality, and the other was about Child Protection and stopping underage marriage.

The resource persons spoke unanimously on the theme, and the seminar reports were read to the participants. 

Md. Sahiduzzaman Sarkar, a Member of Parliament and the chief guest of this program, spoke of peaceful living in the light of the holy Quran and prophet Muhammad's life. 

He also shared that even though Muslims are the majority, people must respect other religions.

Sarkar mentioned how the government is trying to develop the interreligious environment in the country.

Other guests of honor were Md. Azahar Ali, Chairman, Upazila Parishad, Md. Ariful Islam, Upazila Executive Officer, Manuel Hasdak, Manager, World Vision Bangladesh, Dhamoirhat Area Project Coordinator, Md. Muzammil Haque, O.C., Dhamoirhat Police Station, and Father Michael Corraya, Parish Priest of the Catholic Mission of Beneedwar.

 Mr. Hasdak, Mr. Purification, and Md. Islam stressed the need to use creativity to promote and educate people about child protection. - Nikhil Gomes


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