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Bishop commends lay groups for anti-divorce advocacy in Philippines

A faction of lay individuals opposes the legalization of divorce in the Philippines.

The Bishop of the Philippines from the Diocese of Novaliches, which encompasses the northern part of Quezon City, has commended the efforts of lay groups leading the charge against the legalization of absolute divorce in the Philippines.

During the launch of the Super Coalition Against Divorce (SCAD), Bishop Roberto Gaa of the Diocese of Novaliches reiterated the Church's unwavering stance against divorce.

"The position of the Church is clear; the Church is against divorce and continues to value the family and marriage," Bishop Gaa stated, according to a report from Radio Veritas Philippines.

Bishop Gaa emphasized the sacredness of marriage and the importance of preparing for its challenges. He noted that facing various tests and challenges in family life does not justify separation or the abandonment of the sanctity of marriage.

"There is no perfect family; everyone has shortcomings. But that is not why we should just break up or let go of marriage, because that is a holy union," he added.

The coalition, composed of 40 lay groups and organizations, is led by Novaliches Diocesan Commission on Family and Life Lay Coordinator Demy Chavez. Prominent groups within the coalition include the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas (Philippines Council of the Laity), Couples for Christ, and Pro-Life Philippines Foundation.

SCAD aims to lobby and engage in dialogues with senators to prevent the legalization of divorce in the country.

Since the passing of House Bill 9349, the Absolute Divorce Bill, by the Lower House of Congress on May 22, 2024, various organizations have united to stand against the bill and promote the sanctity of marriage, which they believe could be undermined by absolute divorce.

The official launch of SCAD took place on June 17, 2024, at the Diocese of Novaliches Good Shepherd Cathedral. The event included a joint signing of the Consolidated Statement Against Divorce, followed by a short news conference.

Before the official launch, representatives from several organizations gathered on May 30, 2024, to unify and strategize their collective opposition to the divorce bill. This initial meeting, also led by Bishop Gaa, focused on the societal impacts of legalizing divorce, its moral and ethical implications, and the formulation of a cohesive advocacy plan against the bill.

In previous reports, other bishops in the Philippines have also expressed their opposition to absolute divorce.


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