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Cyclone Mocha hits Bangladesh and Myanmar, leaving thousands homeless

Cyclone Mocha hit Bangladesh and Myanmar on May 14. (Picture: Supplied)

Cyclone Mocha struck the coast of northwestern Rakhine State, south of the Bangladesh border, with winds of up to 195 kilometers per hour, leaving many people destitute on May 14. 

Around 10,500 houses were damaged in Teknaf in Bangladesh's coastal Cox's Bazar district by the storms, the most giant storm to hit the Bay of Bengal in over a decade.

According to reports from various media outlets, between 3 lakh and 34 thousand persons have been affected by Cyclone Mocha.

Some coastal areas of Saint Martin and Teknaf have been affected. About 2,500 homes have been destroyed, and thousands have been left homeless on the island of Saint Martin.

Kamruzzaman, executive officer of Teknaf Upazila, said, “On the islands of St. Martin and Shahpari, Sabrang Union caused damage to tens of thousands of homes and buildings.”

The impact of the cyclone began to fall on Cox's Bazar district town, Teknaf Upazila and Saint Martin Island, and other Upazila last Sunday morning.

Md. Abdus Salam, a Sabrang Union of Shahpari Island member in Teknaf, said, “The Naf river surrounds my whole area. Around 1,500 people are now without a home after the powerful storm damaged more than 400 homes.”

Rain and wind speed increased in the afternoon after 4 pm; it took a terrible shape in the coastal areas. The highest wind speed recorded in St. Martin was 147 kilometers per hour after the cyclone hit on Sunday, the Meteorological Department said.

 "The storm seriously harmed Saint Martin's coastline area. Trees and homes have been uprooted," according to Saint Martin's Union Council president Mujibur Rahman.

The wind speed has decreased in St. Martin while light rain continues. There have been at least 1,800 trees destroyed. There have been ten people injured. The Saint Martin's Hospital is now serving one of these women.

Md. Abdur Rahman, the chief meteorologist at the district meteorological office, said, "Around 3 p.m., the cyclone crossed the coast of Bangladesh and moved toward Myanmar. Now, you have nothing to worry about. The storm will still have an effect. As it gets weaker, the effect gets less."

Tropical storm Mocha has been weakened as a result of the hit. The main risk has been overcome, and there is no worry of inundation along the coast.

On the other side, many areas in Rakhine State, Myanmar, were also impacted, and the wooden homes there were demolished, along with all telephone communications.

The Manila Times reported that at least five people were killed, and "some residents" were injured in Myanmar, as the military junta said in the statement without giving details.

More than 860 houses and 14 hospitals or clinics had been damaged across the country, the resources said. - Nikhil Gomes


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