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Jubilee 2025: A week-long study of Vatican II documents in West Bengal

The Bengal Regional Bishops' Council (BRBC) has embarked on a significant journey of exploration and reflection, convening a week-long study of the Four Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council. 

The 21st ecumenical council of the Catholic Church was the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, also known as Vatican II or the Second Vatican Council. It took place from October 11, 1962, to December 8, 1965.

Hosted in Raiganj, West Bengal, eastern India, the event commenced on May 13 and will continue until May 17, 2024.

Under the auspices of Archbishop Vincent Aind of Ranchi, Secretary to the BRBC and convenor of the meeting, participants from diverse dioceses within the region gathered with a collective purpose. 

Reflecting on the Biblical text of Acts 15, Archbishop Aind emphasized the gathering's dual objectives: delve into the profound teachings of the Four Constitutions and discern actionable pastoral priorities for the region.

In his inaugural address, Archbishop Thomas D'Souza of Calcutta, Chairman of the BRBC, underscored the significance of the upcoming Jubilee 2025 as an opportune moment for revitalizing pastoral activities within the region. 

He urged widespread participation in both the preparatory phases and the ensuing celebrations, fostering a spirit of communal engagement and renewal.

Bishop Fulgence Aloysius Tigga of Raiganj extended a warm welcome to all participants, framing the gathering not merely as a passive learning experience but as a transformative opportunity to become catalysts for positive change within their respective dioceses. 

He echoed the call of Pope Francis to revisit the foundational documents of the Second Vatican Council with renewed zeal and relevance.

The workshop has drawn together a diverse group of 57 participants, including bishops, priests, religious leaders, catechists, professionals, and young people, reflecting the multi-faceted nature of the Church’s mission and ministry within the region. - With input from Yesu Karunanidhi


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