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MEF Recognized as Nature Conservation Partner for Leading Zero Waste Initiatives in Philippines

Team of the Mother Earth Foundation (MEF). (Photo credit: Mother Earth Foundation Website)

The Malabon City Government recently recognized the Mother Earth Foundation (MEF), a highly esteemed environment-centric organization, as a "Nature Conservation Partner."

This recognition took place during the "Thanksgiving Night 2024" event, held at the Rizal Park Hotel in Manila, Philippines.

MEF's Zero Waste Management Program specifically acknowledged its substantial contribution to the barangays, the smallest administrative division in the Philippines.

This program is an innovative initiative aimed at reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.

Currently, the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), located in Dampalit Malabon, a bustling area known for its vibrant local community, can process an impressive 731.97 tons of waste.

On the other hand, the MRF in Hulong Duhat, another active barangay, can handle a slightly higher capacity of 772.86 tons.

Both of these facilities manage a broad spectrum of waste types, highlighting their versatility and effectiveness.

Another MRF in Tonsuya, albeit smaller with a capacity of 24.63 tons, is equally important as it deals with all waste types, excluding hazardous ones.

When it comes to compost management, the MRFs in Dampalit, Hulong Duhat, and Tonsuya can process 129.45 tons, 138.43 tons, and 19.38 tons of biodegradable waste, respectively.

These MRFs play a fundamental role in MEF's unwavering support of the barangays’ zero Waste Management Programs, effectively implementing the Ecological Solid Waste Management Program in the progressive city of Malabon.

MEF Chairman Sonia Mendoza, a respected figure in the field of environmental advocacy, underlined the organization's unwavering commitment to zero-waste initiatives. These dedicated efforts led to their prestigious recognition, with MEF standing as the sole recipient of the Malabon Nature Conservation Partner award.

She detailed their ongoing Zero Waste program, a collaboration that spans the 21 barangays of Malabon and extends to their public schools, fostering a culture of sustainability among the younger generation.

"We have continued our Zero Waste program with the 21 barangays of Malabon, all of which involved and engaged their public schools in collaboration with the Department of Education's Schools Division Office in Malabon City,"  she said.

She stated that people were very enthusiastic about the collaboration. "It is this spirit of cooperation between different sectors that helped shape the success of our zero-waste efforts.

In January, during the globally observed International Zero Waste Month, MEF launched the innovative Juana Zero Waste Express Store project. This initiative, which took flight in 2022, encourages communities to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle and Go For Zero Waste.

During the project's launch, Cecilia Unson, a committed store owner, voiced her desire for more zero-waste options, reflecting the increasing public awareness and demand for sustainable practices.

"I hope more zero-waste options expand because we won't need plastic, our environment will be clean, and our planet will be clean," said Unson.

Another store owner, Juan Amatos, who has been in the retail business for over 15 years, echoed this sentiment. He passionately called for more education and support in zero waste management, emphasizing the need for collective action.

"I hope other people will be educated too, assisted in their livelihoods, and become our allies in implementing zero waste management," said Amatos.

The Malabon City government honored a total of seventy-nine individuals, government agencies, and organizations for their significant contributions to its initiatives. The recognition of their efforts served as a testament to their dedication and commitment to the city's development.

The collaboration between governments and civil organizations like MEF is pivotal for achieving long-term zero-waste goals.

These partnerships set the foundation for a sustainable and circular society, ensuring a healthier and cleaner environment for future generations.

Mayor Jeannie Sandoval expressed her gratitude to those who tirelessly support the city's projects and programs during the Night of Thanksgiving 2024.

She emphasized the significance of these collaborations in meeting Malabuenos' needs and advancing the city's progress.


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