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Myanmar Church honors the biological, spiritual, and educational parents

The youth are paying homage to the parents and the elderly persons at Ss. Peter and Paul Church, Yangon, Myanmar (Photo supplied)

The parishioners honored the biological, spiritual, and educational parents at St. Francis Assisi Church in Yangon, on July 24, Parents’ Day.

Parish Priest Father Simon Tin Maung invited the faithful to remember not only the parents both living and the dead, but also the spiritual and educational parents (the teachers) of foreign missionaries in the early Church history of Myanmar.

“Missionaries established schools and other buildings with the donation from their family members and relatives for the educational and spiritual welfare of Myanmar Church, ” the priest said.

Fr. Simon recalled the selfless services of the former missionaries whom he called spiritual parents.

The elderly people were seated in front of the community for honoring. Most of them were 65 years of age and above.

“The elderly parents may not be able to do things for the family as they used to do in the past but they are like the great walls safeguarding the household,” Fr. Simon said.

Most of the elderly are able to lay down the principle and guidelines for the younger generation. They can hand over the cultural heritage and goodness, and moral teaching based on religious beliefs to the younger generation.

On Parents’ Day, children and young people recalled with gratitude they have received from their parents and grandparents. They also asked for forgiveness for one’s mistakes from the parents and the elderly Parents are special gifts from God.

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Parents’ Day was not celebrated for the last two years. As the health situation became better, honoring the parents returns to be alive in Myanmar Church.

The celebration included Eucharistic celebrations for the parents and the elderly, expressing gratitude to the parents, and offering gifts to them.



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