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Refugees from Lung Sha Yang parish in Myanmar return home

Church leaders and civil society groups in Myanmar held a dialogue with security forces for the safe return of refugees to their homes after fleeing to forests.

Sumpyi Yang and N Tsi Yang villages which are under Lung Sha Yan parish went back to their respective homes on March 22 after making negotiations by Church leaders and various group leaders with military officers.

Myitkyina Christian Community, Peace Creation Group (PCG), and Wunpawng Amysha Mung Bawng Rapdaw (WMR) met with the security officials on March 21 to discuss the refugees who were fleeing to forests for their safety amid the ongoing conflict in the country.

Last February 1, there was a fight between Burmese soldiers and Kachin Independent Army (KIA) along with People Defense Force (PDF) in Sumpyi Yang and N Tsi Yang villages. Villagers had to run to forests for safety concerns.

The refugees were staying for one month in the jungle.

Sum Pyi Yang village has about 210 houses, whose population is about 1200. The majority of them are Catholic Kachin. Ntsi Yang village’s houses are about 46. Its population is about 200.

Those villages are 170 miles far from Myitkyina city, the capital of Kachin state in Myanmar.
(With inputs from Chwar Thar)


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