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SIGNIS Indonesia holds 'Finance and Project Management Training'

Participants in SIGNIS Indonesia's "Finance and Project Management Training." (Photo credit: SIGNIS Asia)

SIGNIS Indonesia held the ‘Finance and Project Management training on March 28–30, 2023, in Kampoeng Media, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta.

 Thirty representatives of SIGNIS Indonesia members attended the event.

Father Antonius Gregorius Lalu, the President of SIGNIS Indonesia, said that the training activities allowed participants to learn from each other and share their financial management experiences to do media-based pastoral ministry effectively.

"This is a collaborative effort to learn from each other," he said, adding, “it has a noble goal for ministry in media pastoral work and how it relates to financial independence."

The priest stated that ‘financial education’ provides an opportunity to ‘learn together’ and “develop a common understanding of how to achieve financial independence." 

SIGNIS is an acronym composed of "SIGN" and "IGNIS." (Latin for "fire"). SIGNIS aims to "engage with media professionals and help Catholic communicators transform cultures in light of the Gospel by promoting human dignity, justice, and reconciliation."

In her presentation, one of the training facilitators, Bernadetta Widiandajani, talked about ways to encourage people to work together, learn from each other, and develop policies for managing money.

"We are here to discuss and develop financial management policies," she said.

The World Catholic Association of Communication (SIGNIS), which oversees SIGNIS Indonesia, is a non-profit, Roman Catholic lay religious organization for practitioners in media communication, such as the press, radio, television, movies, videos, media education, the internet, and new technologies.


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