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Sri Lankan Catholic Priest seeks Legal Immunity from likely Arrest

Father Amila Jeewantha Peiris addresses an anti-government protest in Sri Lanka. (Photo: Amila Udagedera)

A Catholic priest from Sri Lanka who participated in anti-government protests against the worst economic crisis facing the country, filed a petition with the Supreme Court on August 2 seeking protection from arrest.

Amila Jeewantha Peiris of the Ratnapura diocese fears that police could arrest him on false charges.

He acknowledges that as a citizen of the country, he participated actively in the peaceful struggle.

University student Jinowa Rasanthi, who worked with him, said, “Father Jeewantha always stood for non-violence and could never cause damage to public property.”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) South Asian director, Meenakshi Ganguly, observed that the Government is arbitrarily detaining political activists. HRW appealed the Government to end its repressive policies in order to establish public trust.

Priests, nuns, activists, students, and lawyers who were involved in anti-government protests have issued a statement seeking an immediate halt to pressure tactics by the police. 


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